Lights Out is a game about a heroic peon at an unnamed electrical conglomerate! The countryside has experienced a major power outage, and it’s up to you to re-wire the grid and restore power.

The game is essentially a basic math puzzle combined with a “pipes” style grid. You install and remove power lines and resistor towers to make sure the houses get the correct amount of power.


Mouse only. Select a tool using the bar at the bottom of the screen, click on the grid to place it. Click on an existing piece of hardware to remove it.


I wanted to make something simple and polished, or, as polished as a Comp entry can be. During my last LudumDare, I overshot and ended up producing little more than a tech demo with some minor humor. This time around I wanted to make sure I actually built something I could call a “game”.

It may not be the most imaginative or complex thing in the world, but it feels significantly more refined than my last entry.


Untested in Firefox, please use a WebKit or Blink based browser for now. Chrome recommended.

In some cases a power line can be placed in a three-way connection with two generators and a resistor. This often makes it look like the lines are leading to the resistor, but are actually ignoring it.

Linking a resistor in a loop to another resistor causes a power drain and drops them both to 0.


  • Game written entirely in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. 
  • Graphic work was done in Photoshop and processed through CodeKit 3.
  • Music was generated with WolframTones. 
  • Sound effects generated with Bfxr.